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Directorate-General 'Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion' of the European Commission produces a wide range of publications in different formats and languages, which aim to inform citizens and stakeholders about European employment and social policy.
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1. Please select your country of residence *
2. Which type of organisation do you belong to? *
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5. Which are your two preferred languages for reading our publications?
6. What is your main motivation for reading our publications?
Please select all options that apply
To get an overview of employment and social policy
To stay up-to-date with the latest developments in employment and social policy
To discover examples of good practice
To increase my knowledge of one specific topic
To identify policy trends
To access material/information for my work/studies
Other reasons (please specify)
7. Which of the following topics are you most interested in?
Please select all options that apply
European employment strategy
Health and safety at work
Poverty and social exclusion
Free movement
Social innovation
Public Employment Services and EURES
European Social Fund
European Globalisation Fund
PROGRESS (Programme for employment and social solidarity)
Social security coordination
Europe 2020
Youth employment
Labour law and work organisation
Industrial relations
Corporate social responsibility
EU governance
Social dialogue
Active ageing
8. In your opinion, are these topics sufficiently covered?
Could you please explain?
9. How did you hear about our publications?
Please select one option
By browsing the Internet
At events, conferences
Through links in press releases
Through links from other websites
Through newsletters
Recommended by a friend/colleague
Other (please specify)
10. Could you please rank the different categories of publications produced by DG Employment by level of relevance to your information needs?
Please rate from 1 (Low relevance) to 5 (High relevance). Please click on the link to see an example of each category.
  Low relevance   High relevance   I don't know this category
11. Do you agree with the following statements regarding DG Employment publications?
 I agree 
 I agree to
some extent
 I don't agree 
 I don't know 
The content of the publications is interesting
The publications provide information that would be difficult to find elsewhere
The publications are easy to read and understand
The publications have an attractive lay-out
The publications improve my understanding of European employment and social policy
12. How would you rather read our publications?
Please rate from 1 to 5, being 1 'Less preferred' and 5 'Most preferred'
  Less preferred   Most preferred
On paper
Online (in PDF format)
Online (as a dynamic website)
Using my smartphone
Using my tablet/my e-reader
13. Which other information sources do you consult to stay up-to-date with European employment and social policy developments?
Please select all options that apply
 DG Employment sources 
Social Europe e-newsletter
Social Europe on Facebook
Social Europe on Twitter
Other (please specify)
 Other sources 
Press and mass media
Specialized magazines and journals
Government/Regional sites
Personal Contact
Other (please specify)
14. Do you have any suggestions for improvement?
15. Would you like to carry on receiving our publications?
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